Lecture and Workshop Offerings




Can the American Healthcare System Deliver Health?: The Impact of the Social Determinants on Health


As a leader of a model safety net institution, Dr. Gabow understands the limitations of our current healthcare system in delivering key components of health. This lecture delves into our healthcare and our social care systems and how they compare with other developed countries.

Women in American Healthcare: Obstacles and Opportunities

As a woman healthcare leader, Dr. Gabow has seen the obstacles and opportunities that exist for women healthcare leaders and the outcomes these leaders can deliver. This lecture explores these areas to encourage women in healthcare to pursue leadership, not just for themselves but to improve healthcare and society.

Workshops for Women Leadership:

There are three objectives for these workshops:

     Inspire women to pursue healthcare leadership

     Provide guidance on the preparation for leadership

     Provide insight into the work and goals of leadership

All workshops are interactive.


Half-day Workshops:

A. Lay of the land

    Why should women lead?

    Obstacles for leadership

         Bias, sexual harassment, imposter syndrome, care responsibilities

    New opportunities for leadership

         Business community, political arena, policy changes, care differentiation

B. Starting the leadership journey

    Values for leaders

    Assessing leadership fit

    Leading from where you stand

    Leadership preparation

    Understanding the work of leaders

C. Now you are a leader

    Building your team

    Evaluating, mentoring, supporting



    Making decisions

    Making the trains run on time and laying new tracks

Full-day Workshops:

Workshop sponsors may individualize full-day workshops by combining any two half- day workshops.

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