The dimension of leadership inclusion: The Biden-Harris example

COVID spotlights the problems America faces. While not blaming men for these problems (all of us have contributed), the fact is that men, primarily white men, have been the leaders in government and all industries for more than two centuries. If we keep the same people at the leadership tables, we will likely keep getting the same results. We need men and women; white people and people of color; young and old at these tables. Different perspectives and lived experiences in our leaders will yield different results—better results. The nation’s Biden-Harris leadership team represents this kind of inclusivity. Obviously, they are a man and a woman, a white person and a person of color, an elder and a younger person. This team shows that white men and our elders must open the door for women and minorities and the next generation. Yet, Harris shows she earned her place. Elders in our society and in leadership bring vast experience—they have learned, sometimes painfully, the lessons of the past and of leadership. The young view the past through a different lens and they know the future is theirs. They are willing to explore new ground with new tools. Let this new picture of leadership be embraced throughout our society and in all our industries. We will be better because of it.

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