Shattering the Glass Ceiling

The shattered glass ceiling echoed across the country and throughout the Black, Asian, and immigrant communities with Kamala Harris becoming Vice President-elect. What great news. But it took 240 years from America’s founding and 100 years from women’s suffrage to get here. It must not take that long to break the glass ceiling of having a woman president nor to shatter all the myriad other glass ceilings. Kamala Harris worked hard and broke many barriers. She will inspire many other women on their journeys. President-elect Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris powerfully underscores the importance of men’s role in women achieving equality. He will inspire other men in facilitating women in many fields to sit at the leadership tables. We owe a thank you to both of them and to all those who helped elect them.

There was another notable breakthrough. I remember all the anti-Catholic rhetoric when Jack Kennedy ran for President. I heard no such storm of comments about Biden’s Catholicism. At least, we have moved past that prejudice.

Let’s hope that breaking these barriers and these victories show that Martin Luther King was right, and the arc of history is bending toward true equality for everyone. With all the issues in front of us, we need to bring all the American talent to the table.

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